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Agenda for our call

In our call we'll provide you with a brief overview of the content, objectives, and approach of Lead In 30. Our three core areas of focus are helping leaders Create Clarity, Build Alignment, and Generate Movement.

The skills under those three categories involve helping create greater focus on the results that matter most, build greater engagement and ownership on their teams, increase collaboration, and minimize excuses and blame.

We do this in a way that's highly engaging, interactive, and builds tremendous momentum inside the organization.

After our call we'd like to connect you with HR or L&D leaders from companies who have recently used Lead In 30 in their organization so you can hear it from their perspective.

Partners with you

We've created Lead In 30 as a collaborative approach designed to build off of the work you've already done at your organization to develop leaders.

Most companies use Lead In 30 as an additional tool as part of established internal initiatives and programs.

Certification Through Credly

Lead In 30 participants are offered certification through Credly and are able to be badged upon completion. 


  • Customized for Your Company
Lead In 30 is fully customized for each organization. The portal includes videos from your leaders as well as the Lead In 30 team. The webclasses during the four weeks are kicked off by your executives. Even the workbooks are custom.
      • A Collaborative Approach
      Lead In 30 builds off of momentum you already have internally with established leadership development programs. We built Lead In 30 to be viewed by participants as an integrated approach from internal and outside experts.
      • Prep Calls and Key Results
      Once you've decided to utilize Lead In 30 we schedule prep calls with your team as well as senior executives. Lead In 30 starts with clarity around Key Results or the most important business outcomes.
      • Not Flavor of the Month!
      As you dig into Lead In 30 you'll discover we've designed it in a way that leads to immediate implementation. The three core competencies we help leaders develop will immediately affect their ability to lead.
      We're looking forward
      to connecting soon!

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