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We'll provide you with a quick overview of the content, objectives, and approach of Lead In 30. We'll share our screen to show you how other companies are using Lead In 30. We want to hear your current needs and help you determine if Lead In 30 is the solution you're looking for in developing your leaders.

Certification Through Credly

Lead In 30 participants are offered certification through Credly and are able to be badged upon completion. 


  • Virtual, In Person, or On Demand
Lead In 30 is offered in three different formats to best meet your needs. Lockheed Martin utilizes the virtual option for its leaders. Veritiv prefers in-person. Cigna utilizes both depending on need. We can meet your needs.
      • Certify Internal Facilitators
      Lead In 30 builds off of momentum you already have internally with established leadership development programs. We built Lead In 30 to be viewed by participants as an integrated approach.
      • Not Flavor of the Month!
      Lead In 30 is where leadership development meets business results. We don't teach soft skills. We're teaching leaders how to engage their teams to deliver business results.
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