What's Your Natural Leader Pattern?
Take The 3rd Leader™ Assessment


Congrats! You've just been promoted and given a new team to lead. No one on the team has worked with you before.

How will you show up in your first 30 days? What will be your top priorities?

What beliefs will the team form as they interact with you over those first few weeks?

In reality, the answer to all those questions is predictable. It's all based on your Natural Leader Pattern™. In Lead In 30™ we introduce you to what science shows are the three basic leader profiles. Discover which one you fit into. Take the 90-second assessment below!

Discover More About
Your Natural Leader Pattern™

After taking the quick assessment you'll want to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the way you naturally lead others.

Download The 3rd Leader™ White Paper and read what the science tells us about your Natural Leader Pattern™.

In week one of the Lead In 30™ course we do an exercise that illustrates the impact of the way you naturally lead. It helps make the case for what adjustments each of us need to upgrade our leadership skills to more effectively deliver results leading a team of highly engaged people.

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